RISE empowers people to become self-sufficient by building and sustaining human and financial assets.

RISE has over 470 graduates from Financial Literacy Classes.
RISE participants have saved a total of over $247,000 to date!
RISE families have purchased a total of over 80 vehicles.
RISE helps families pay for tuition, books and computers.
RISE participants have purchased a total of over 50 homes.
RISE helps entrepreneurial participants expand their businesses.

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In our book, there is but one equation:
Education + Incentives = Greater Prosperity


Through strategies we've pioneered and continue to refine, RISE has developed unique expertise in helping entry-level wage earners to budget, save and accumulate assets. RISE also has innovative techniques in teaching financial literacy to youth/students. Our work has led to a deep understanding of the larger community issues that are working against families in Memphis and Shelby County.

Without financial literacy, the financially vulnerable will remain at risk, unable to contribute to our community, dependent on what our community can contribute to them. RISE has proven that it benefits us all to give people the tools they need to become and remain self-sufficient.

Paying for social services treats symptoms for short-term benefit. Investing in RISE teaches people to treat themselves for a lifetime.

Help us lift someone up. As an operating foundation and a 501(c)3 public charity, your investment in RISE is tax-deductible.