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RISE is currently involved in an intiative to increase the financial skills of senior citizens through the National Neighbors Silver (NNS) Initiative  For more information, click on the "Advocacy" bar above and learn more about NNS.

How We Help


More than the proverbial hand up instead of handout, our programs give families the tools to build better lives by their own hands.

Without financial literacy, the financially vulnerable will remain the prey of predators, unable to contribute to our community, dependent on what our community can contribute to them. RISE has proven that it pays dividends to all of us to give people the tools they need to become and remain self-sufficient.

Paying for social services treats symptoms for short-term benefit. Investing in RISE teaches people to treat themselves for a lifetime.


Contact RISE, and help us lift someone up. As an operating foundation and a 501(c)3 public charity, your investment in RISE is tax-deductible.