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A Successful Milestone for Goal Card Students!

The RISE Foundation had the opportunity to celebrate with 6 (out of the 11 inductees) Goal Card students who were inducted in the Booker T. Washington High School's National Honor Society for the 2012/2013 school year.  With a total of 17 members, the 11 new members were eager to have such an honor placed on their academic record because it took hard work, commitment, and a focused mind to reach this milestone.

The majority of the students inducted, live in the 38126 zip code/community, and have far exceeded the expectations of their peers, as well as some of their parents.  One particular young lady, Cermeshia has worked tirelessly to succeed in all that she has been afforded.  As an exceptional scholar, faithful band member, and aspiring actress/singer, Cermeshia has begun to see the fruits of her labor.  She has had doors opened because of her positive attitude, optimism and committment to her own success.  She had the opportunity to participate in the Hattiloo Theater and the RISE Foundation's partnership with the theater's Nutcracker production. She participated in several performances with her school band, and is now a newly inducted Honor Society member.  Cermeshia became involved in the Goal Card Program believing that it would help her focus on her education and set her on a career path.  She exemplifies the core values of the Goal Card Program, believing that Education + Incentives = Success.

Cermeshia and the rest of the Honor Society members are now preparing for a school beautification project in the lobby of Booker T. Washington High School which is also an atrium.  In partnership with other Goal Card students at the school and Alumni supporters, this time next year the atrium will not only have beautiful green plans but  improved air quality in the school as well.  The students are looking forward  to making great things happen during the spring semester!



"The RISE Foundation is the epitome of what collaboration between a school and a community organization should be as it pertains to a working relationship.  The Goal Card program offers an opportunity for our customers to be exposed and educated for personal integrity, civic awareness, work place literacy and academic achievement.  Every school should be afforded an opportunity to work with serious, concerned and determined people who believe in making it happen, as opposed to those who talk about making it happen. Kudos to the RISE Foundation!"

Leviticus S. Pointer
Vance Middle School



Time is hard to come by for almost everyone, especially Ms. J.  Ms. J  had
a demanding job during the day and served as the sole protector, mentor,
peace keeper, cook and maid for her six children at night. Prior to entering the Save Up program,  Ms.  Jackson was forced to put the brakes on driving when her car quit. "My transmission stopped working and bills were piling up.   The car was impounded and I couldn't afford to pay the impound fee or get it repaired and  had to just leave it there."  Ms. J had to depend on family and friends for her transportation needs. 

"The program staff taught me how to be more responsible as far as my savings," said Ms. J. "People don't really want to be bothered with your problems. You have to be more responsible so you can take care of yourself."

After a year and half in Save Up, Ms. J was finally able to
purchase a car. "It was a wonderful day. It was a relief, after months and
months of frustration over transportation."